About Victoria
This blog was created to share my life experiences and inspire you through travel, fashion, and books. I decided to start a blog after having the desire to write and express my creativity whilst bringing others¬†along on my journey. Several of my writer friends in South Africa encouraged me to write, so I hope you will gain inspiration from me. I’m here to be candid, somewhat controversial, and captivating.

I live in the south in hot, humid Georgia. I’m a lifestyle blogger and world traveler. I hope I can enhance your life through my writings in even a small way. Thanks for being here.

Quick Questions
Favorite author-W. Somerset Maugham
College major/degree- Psychology
TV binge- Dateline on NBC (Keith Morrison, preferably)
Dream destination- Croatia
Married?- Nope. Just me, myself, and I
Favorite food? Crab legs